Star Wars: Ashes of the Old Republic

Act IV episode i

...easily startled, but they'll be back soon and in greater numbers.

As the Crown of Bartok was returning from its most recent exploits the crew received a message from the Dantooine asking them to pause for further instructions at the next beacon. There was a nearby outpost which had suddenly gone dark and the crew was asked to investigate.

Upon arrival, it was obvious that the signal was being jammed from a patrol ship which had landed above the outpost shelter. The raiders were in a firefight with the outpost and as the Bartok moved to assist, the invading ship let fly with a volley of concussion missiles. After Corgan noticed that the patrol ship was more than a match for the Bartok, Bin’she decided to fly into the canyon where the firefight was going on, and hopefully try to avoid taking a second round on the chin.

When the Bartok got closer, the crew could see that the invaders and the Rebels were about evenly matched. Corgan, NĂ¼ el’Kah, Vuko Dardo, and Varen Berelis dropped into a flanking position with Vince and Bin’she staying aboard to provide air assistance.

The crew started whittling down the pirate numbers giving the rebels a much needed respite. Vince got in some good shots with the Bartok’s turret, until Bin’she hit the boosters to go meet up with the incoming backup fighters. The fighting on the ground continued until the last pirate threw a grenade that caused an avalanche burying all the combatants.

The pirate patrol ship sped away, but knowing that the information would be too valuable to keep hidden for long, the Rebel Alliance begins sending its allies in search of a new home for a base of operations. The crew decides to investigate the Rhen Var system first, and Yavin system second with the understanding that any signs of civilization (beyond primitive culture) will be a deal-breaker.



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