Star Wars: Ashes of the Old Republic

Act III, Ep. i

Dantooine...They're on Dantooine.

When last we left our merry band they were fleeing Ryloth, after a crack rescue of Bin’she Keeba’s enslaved family. And by crack rescue we mean a botched frontal assault that leaves no doubt who’s responsible for busting up Tesil’s palace.

With Bin’she’s family in tow, we plot a course for Corellia to meet a Rebel contact.

Follow the Bread Crumbs
Corellia is among the Core Worlds and a hub of commerce in the Empire. What better place to investigate our conspiracy theory that the Empire developed, deployed and tested a planet destroying weapon at Kamino?

Before contacting the Rebel agent, the party investigates two leads through CoreSec, a Corellian security and intelligence force, and CEC, Corellian Engineering Corporation. The party asks CoreSec, with its sophisticated anti-smuggling network, to help follow the money behind the stolen computer chips from the Kaminoan satellites. There’s no doubt: The Empire requisitioned hundreds of these chips roughly 10 years ago.

Knowing that the Empire paid for the satellite components, we went to CEC to find out why. Their records prove invaluable. The Empire requisitioned the chips for the Intrepid, a prototype cruiser that never saw action and was dismantled soon after construction.

Why would a noncombat ship need weapons components for hundreds of turboblasters? It’s beginning to look as though the Empire built the Kaminoan satellites from the dismantled Intrepid.

Rebel Sympathies
Having exhausted our leads on Corellia, the party makes contact with the Rebel agent, a Quarren recruiter. Using the data chip we received from the Duros on Tatooine, the party convinces the recruiter that we’re sympathizes wanting to contact the Rebellion leadership. He gives us the coordinates to a deep space satellite, which transmits coordinates to another, and so on. A deep space trail of bread crumbs.

Dantooine here we come.

Finally after months of hiding in the smuggling hold in the Crown of Bartok, Dr See’Lok finds a new home. The Rebels are willing to protect her, and she promises her skills as a doctor and scientist to the Rebellion. Though she vows to never clone again.

Now that Dr See’Lok can finally stop running, the party must decide where to go next. And how to deal with two Hutts, a double-crossed pirate, and an Imperial captain.



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