Star Wars: Ashes of the Old Republic

Act I, Ep. II

Belly of the Beast

In which our brave adventurers spend some time aboard Crimson Jack’s flagship, The Fallen Mynock, learning the recent history of Drexel II and planning their escape.

A Little Knowledge Goes a Long Way

Our crew of adventurers learn some rather interesting information from Crimson Jack. For starters, they find that they are in the Drexel system, on one of the only habitable planets of the system, the water planet, Drexel II. Jack tells the group that the wrecked star destroyer is the Arachnis, possibly the only surviving Imperial ship from the Drexel Ambush during the Clone Wars.

The crew, ever vigilant and perceptive, notice that the strange sea creatures pulling Jack’s ship seem somewhat “tame.” Jack explains that the creatures are sea dianogas and have been “tweaked” by a “wizard.” This wizard turns out to be a doctor and to the utter shock of the adventurers, she’s a Kaminoan. Varen Berelis talks with the Kaminoan, See’lok, and learns that See’lok, having been on Drexel II for about ten years, doesn’t know that her race committed mass suicide nine years ago during the Clone Wars. Varen quickly changes tact and inquires about the sea dianogas. See’lok describes how she genetically engineered them to be more tame and somewhat trainable beasts of burden, but they are still fearsome.

While Varen has been with See’lok, the rest of the crew have been talking to Crimson Jack, trying to figure out a way to get onto the Arcanis undetected so they can potentially disable the gravity well generators and at the least steal the shuttle the Imperials sometimes use. Varen rejoins the group and shares what he has learned about the sea dianogas. Hearing about the sea beasts, Nü el’Kah suddenly gets a “gleam” in his eye and says, “I think I’ve got a plan.”

A Plan is Formed, Hatched, and Executed

Taking advantage of his Gand physiology, and particularly his life-sustaining respirator (which functions just as well under water), Nü el’Kah devises an ingenious plan – why try to sail up to the Arachnis when he can swim under it? After a few false starts, he learns to ride the dianogas and is able to covertly scout the submerged section of the Arachnis. With a little time and more than a little luck he finds an unobstructed (although unpowered) airlock, and returns to alert the crew.

The plan he proposes is dangerous and will require some luck to succeed: using the dianogas, the crew will sneak up to the Arachnis, then dive down to the airlock. With a little brute strength, they should be able to force open the airlock, and with a little luck they should be able to pass through, close the outer doors, and open the inner doors before they all drown. While several members of the crew smell a lot of “if” coming off of this plan, it does afford the element of surprise.

Unable to think of a better option, the crew (accompanied by Jack’s Yuzzem enforcer and a small band of pirates) rides a pair of dianogas to the sunken Interdictor with the goal of forcing their way into its underbelly. Arriving without alerting the Imperials to their presence, Nü el’Kah and Dewurra are able to swim down and open the outer airlock door using Dewurra’s overwhelming Wookie strength. Unfortunately on the way back to the surface Nü el’Kah gets separated from Dewurra, and in the dark water his respirator hose becomes entangled in protruding wreckage. Meanwhile, with varying degrees of success the rest of the crew is able to dive down and swim into the airlock.

After several desperate attempts to untangle himself, Nü el’Kah is able to make his way back to the airlock, where he is pulled through the outer blast doors by Dewurra at the last second before the crew closes them. With the entire crew assembled in the airlock, they are able to manually cycle the doors and gain access to the belly of the Interdictor.

Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place

The crew find themselves in a dark, dank corridor. The smell of mold and mildew permeates the air. It’s obvious right away that this part of the ship is without power and has been abandoned by the Imperial forces. No one has been down here for a long time, possibly since the ship originally crashed onto the planet. The crew gather up to discuss their plan of attack. Their options are few. The current situation presents two possible choices, go back out the way they came, or follow the corridor “up” into the heart of the Interdictor. It stands to reason that the shuttle they are looking for must be in one of the upper shuttle bays of the star destroyer, one of the bays above the water line, and ship plans found in D4-VNC1 (Vince)’s memory banks confirm this likelihood.

Unfortunately, there is some dispute as to which path the group should take through the Interdictor. This increasingly heated discussion draws the attention of two patrolling groups of Imperial Navy Troopers. Apparently this part of the ship was not as abandoned as they thought. An intense battle with the troopers ensues, as the group fights from the center of a T-intersection to take down troopers in opposing corridors. Although a few of our heroes suffer minor wounds, these are quickly healed by Nü el’Kah and the crew routes the Imperial Troops, killing all but two of them. One, persuaded to flee the battle by the slick talking politician Berelis, disappears into the inky blackness of the corridor behind him. The second trooper, through some quick thinking of the crew during the heat of battle, lies stunned among his dead comrades. The crew intend to interrogate him to find out where the shuttle is located.

The crew warily moves down the corridor towards the downed trooper, watchful for another attack. As they approach the trooper, a deep, dark voice comes over the ship-wide intercom system, “What are you doing on my ship?”



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