Vuko Dardo

A savvy, talkative Fringer. Vuko is a Rodian from the Intamm Clan on Planet Rodia.


Vuko is a young adult male. He stands 1.58 meters tall and weighs 64.4 kg. He’s lean, wiry, and athletic. He has no hair, deep black eyes, and greenish reptilian skin with a blue tint. He’s missing half of his right ear and has a large scar on his forehead running from his right ear up to his right antennae.

Soak value 3 / Wounds 14 / Strain 12 / Defense 0
Brawn 2 / Agility 3 / Intellect 2 / Cunning 3 / Willpower 1 / Presence 2

Career Skills
Astrogation, Rank 1
Cool, Rank 1
Coordination, Rank 1
Negotiation, Rank 1
Perception, Rank 2
Piloting – Space, Rank 1
Streetwise, Rank 2
Survival, Rank 2
Lore, Rank 1
Outer Rim, Rank 1
Xenology, Rank 1

Other Ranked Skills
Athletics, Rank 1
Medicine, Rank 1
Stealth, Rank 1
Ranged (light), Rank 1
Underworld, Rank 1


Debt 5; Family 10


As a young Rodian teenager, Vuko was driven and ambitious. A jack-of-all trades, excellent hunter, smooth talker, with an uncanny knack to pilot any ship he jumps in, he proved at an early age that he was destined to run his family unit. Over time he emerged as the strongest member of his family and became it’s leader.

Ever since his first kill as a young boy he has dreamed of taking his family to upper echelon of his society. His goal, to be the leading family of the Intamm Clan. What Vuko didn’t know at the time was that with the power and prestige that comes with running a family also comes the responsibility of dealing with all the problems that families encounter. While exhibiting an unending love and devotion to his family, his parents and siblings cause him no end of trouble, especially when it comes to the loyalties the Intamm Clan owes to the Chekkoo Clan.

Members of Vuko’s family, while on a hunt, killed game outside of their enclave. The incident took place on Chattza Clan territory and although it was a minor offense, it was the spark that was needed in an already tense situation between rival clans and the incident has begun a war between the Chekkoo and Chattza clans.

The leaders of the Chekkoo demand reparations from the Intamm, thereby the Dardo Family, for the offense. Vuko, as family leader, must pay this debt. Chekko Clan has demanded the offending members of Vuko’s family executed. Vuko has negotiated an alternative with Chekkoo Clan leaders. A large sum of Imperial Credits must be paid by the Dardo family to help fund the new war with the Chattza Clan, but there’s something else. Vuko has left Rodia in search of a rare Rodian artifact, a powerful talisman, long since taken off planet by thieves eons ago. This artifact, if retrieved, could swing the balance of power on Rodia to the Chekkoo clan, win the war, save Vuko’s family members, and vault his family right to the top of the Intamm Clan.

Vuko Dardo

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