Varen Berelis


Varen was a scheming politician—is there another kind? Now he’s looking for redemption.

Cover up the sins of his past.

Betrayal: To advance his career, Varen spied on senators who weren’t loyal to Palpatine.

Blackmail (10): His past isn’t as secret as he thinks.

Soak value 2 / Wounds 14 / Strain 13 / Defense 0
Brawn 2 / Agility 2 / Intellect 2 / Cunning 3 / Willpower 2 / Presence 4

Charm, rank 3
Coercion, rank 2
Computers, rank 1
Cool, rank 2
Deception, rank 3
Discipline, rank 1
Leadership, rank 1
Mechanics, rank 1
Negotiation, rank 2
Perception, rank 2
Streetwise, rank 2

Ranged (light), rank 2

Education, rank 1
Outer Rim, rank 1

Credits 3,262, holdout blaster, comlink, utility belt, stimpack (x2)

Unspent Experience 0 points


Varen is a diplomat without a Senate.

Before the Empire, Varen was an ambassador to the Galactic Senate from Abrion Major in the Outer Rim. He lobbied for Palpatine’s rise as Supreme Chancellor, believing that he’d stop the oppression and exploitation of the Outer Rim territories.

Hoping to advance his career, Varen spied on senators who resisted Palpatine and then betrayed the ones who plotted against the Supreme Chancellor. Some of these senators fled, losing everything, but more than a few disappeared.

Now that the Galactic Senate is defunct, Varen’s job prospects have dried up. So he returned home to Abrion, where he still has political contacts. He lives in fear that someone will discover his betrayal. What he doesn’t realize is that someone already has.

Since joining the Rebellion 6 months ago, Varen has been training with their commanders in an effort to become a better leader. Putting his skills to the test, he has starting planning and coordinating missions with the crew of the Crown of Bartok.

Varen Berelis

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