Wookiee Hired Gun (Marauder)


Hired Gun (Marauder)

Dewurra finds work as muscle-for-hire. While he is proficient in weapons, he prefers to let his fists do most of the work.



Shortly after the Clone Wars, Kashyyk (the Wookiee home world) was invaded by the Empire and the vast majority of Wookiees were enslaved. Dewurra was off-world doing work to provide support for his family at the time of the invasion. Ever since, he has been trying to locate his family.

Obligation (5)

Dewurra has a bit of a gambling problem. His game of choice is sabacc, but he will jump at the opportunity lay a bet on just about anything. He recently lost a Bowcaster wagering on an impromptu Bantha race.


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