Crimson Jack


Former “professional opportunist” who made a lucrative career out of following closely behind fleets during the Clone Wars and scavenging abandoned derelicts left after the battle (and sometimes not-so-abandoned…) He entered the Drexel system shortly after the battle that left the Arachnis stranded on Drexel II, and his ship rapidly became its first victim.

He initially tried to co-exist with the Imperials left behind, but he was used to being in command, and within a few months fled after a failed coup. He took his former crew and some disaffected Imperials and formed a rival band that now competes for the bounty of the Interdictor’s prey.

His hold over his crew is strong; he’s earned their loyalty through shared hardship and successful leadership. And also the fear of his Yuzzem enforcer, Sim.


Crimson Jack

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