Corgan Dil'Alys

A former thief currently on the run, Corgan is an Outlaw Tech


Character Sheet

Soak Value: 3 / Wounds: 12 / Strain: 14 / Defense 0,0
Brawn: 2 / Agility: 3 / Intellect: 2 / Cunning: 3 / Willpower: 2 / Presence: 2

General Skills
Astrogation (career) rank 1
Computers (career) rank 1
Coordination (career) rank 1
Discipline (career) rank 1
Mechanics (career) rank 1
Perception (career) rank 1
Streetwise (career) rank 1

Combat Skills
Ranged-Light rank 1

Knowledge Skills
Outer Rim (career) rank 1
Underworld (career) rank 1

Custom Skills

Weapons and Armor
Light Blaster Pistol / 5 damage / medium range / crit 4 / stun setting / 1 HP
Brass Knuckles / brawl / +1 damage / crit 4 / disorient 3
Heavy Clothing / +1 soak

Commlink (handheld)
Utility kit
Ration pack
Glow rod
Chance cubes


Talents and Abilities
Convincing Demeanor: Removes 1 [black] per rank from Deception or Skullduggery checks
Speaks Binary: Adds 1 [blue] per rank when directing an NPC droid
Utinni!: Removes 1 [black] from scavenging checks and scavenging takes 1/2 normal time
Tinkerer: Adds 1 additional HP to one item per rank
Grit: Adds +1 to Strain Threshold


Criminal [magnitude 5]
Favor [magnitude 5]


Corgan has been an outlaw ever since his first brushes with the law, back when he was reprogramming public information grids to spew obscenities back on Bothawui as an adolescent. With each scrape, deal, and back-alley job, he’s been pushed further and further from his clan and the motivations of good, honest people (or as he calls them, nerfs). These days he’s starting the slow spiral that will end with him finding his stride as a truly unrepentant criminal, unless something happens to shake him out of his path.

Like most Bothans, Corgan seeks personal influence. In his case, he seeks the influence money can buy, and he’s not scrupulous about how he acquires it. Although he wouldn’t quite rat out his own mother for a half-credit, he’d definitely sell out the dear old dog for a solid hundred, and in a pinch you could probably talk him down to fifty. As a result, Corgan no longer really sees his surroundings the way others do. To him, a computer terminal is just a pathway to the next hapless victim’s credit account or slag to be mined for rare metals. A landspeeder is either a getaway vehicle or the next scrap job. A droid is a helpful partner only until it turns into a collection of easily-fenced spare parts. If it isn’t welded down, it’s grist for the mill as far as he’s concerned, and if it is welded down… well, that’s what cutting torches are for.

Corgan’s last few encounters with the underworld of the Fringe have left him with a legal record, a wanted poster in a couple of systems, and the obligation of repaying favors from “friends” who arranged his latest escape.

Corgan Dil'Alys

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