Star Wars: Ashes of the Old Republic

No Wookie Left Behind

When talk is cheap and battle droids make good trophies

While orbiting Renvar, the Crown of Bartok picks up a faint surface signal that could be an outpost. After landing on the surface we find a makeshift camp with mining equipment and a group of mercenaries who are using Wookie slave labor to dig out an ice tunnel.

In an effort to split the mercenaries, we pretend to be stranded and in need of parts to repair the Crown. We crash landed, honest. Varen manages to convince the trandoshan captain that we really do need parts, oh, and help from one of their crew to make the repairs. If we could lure a few of them back to the ship, overpower them, then we could find out what they’re looking for…

But Dewurra would have none of it. He isn’t about to leave behind an enslaved Wookie. After the deal is made and the coast clears, he sneaks into the slave’s tent, hoping to make a quick break. But the battle droid guard proves a tough fight. Dewurra pummels (and pummels) the battle droid. Sparks fly, Wookie hair is singed. Just when it looks like our cover is blown, Dewurra rips off the droid’s head in a final test of strength. Corgan defuses the slave’s collar and removes it so we can make good our escape.

Back on the Crown of Bartok, Dewurra adds his latest trophy, the battle droid head, to the Crown’s dashboard. The now-free Wookie tells us that the Trandoshan captain, Truske, is looking for Jedi artifacts. The Empire is paying big money for them. So what’s our next move against these treasure hunters?



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