Star Wars: Ashes of the Old Republic

Act I, Ep. I

No Rest for the Weary

Having delivered a repossessed starship at the behest of Tessil the Hutt, a motley crew of Fringers races back to Ryloth aboard the Queen of Ranroon, a luxury cruiser that has seen better days.

Tessil will likely be displeased at the expense of such accommodations, but a supernova has affected the hyperlanes, and the Queen was the only ship brave or foolish enough to risk the Death Wind Corridor. Better to cost the Hutt a few credits than let him believe you’ve made off with his starship.

Credits once spent are gone forever, so the crew has made good use of the Queen’s diversions, and the journey passes uneventfully until…

Trouble At Sea

As most of the group are passing time gambling or mingling on the main deck (Corgan Dil’Alys being the lone hold out and resting in his room in Steerage), the cruiser suddenly and violently drops from hyperspace. Several chaotic moments pass as the group attempt to determine what caused the starship to stop. The unstable gravity and movements of the ship make it obvious that something is wrong. To ensure that they aren’t looted of Tessil’s money, Varen Berelis, Dewurra, and D4-VNC1 (Vince) open the locked box they are carrying to Tessil and stow it’s contents in D4-VNC1 (Vince)‘s secret compartment. Corgan Dil’Alys haphazardly makes his way up a disabled turbo-lift to join the group on the main deck. D4-VNC1 (Vince) is eventually able to hack into the ship’s comm system and determine that a Gravity Well pulled the ship out of hyperspace.

Vuko Dardo climbs to the turbo-lift shaft to the bridge. On the way there, he is able to look out from the observation deck and see that the Queen is careening towards an uncharted blue planet. At this point, the group decides that it is time to abandon ship. They are all able to board escape pods and avoid the unpleasantness of an atmospheric entry aboard the cruise liner.

Out of the Frying Pan

After a bumpy ride to the planet’s surface the crew finds themselves scattered about the surface of an ocean. Off to the East, Vuko spots a wrecked Interdictor-class cruiser sticking up out of the surface of the ocean. The group and other survivors from the Queen of Ranroon manage to assemble on an emergency raft. To the west, someone notices a ship coming towards them, apparently manned with locals. At about the same time, another ship is spotted coming towards the group from the east, the direction of the Star Destroyer. This second ship is full of Stormtroopers, equipped with old and out-date armor and weapons.

Wanting to stay as far away from Imperial entanglements as possible, the the group decides to make for the locals. The Imperial ship takes note, picks up other survivors still floating in the ocean, and turns back towards the Star Destroyer. Our heroes, thinking they’ve made the right decision are picked up by the local ship, but no sooner do they get on deck then they are quickly grouped together and held at gunpoint as the Captain of the ship comes on deck.

Into the fire?

Trailed by a massive beast call Sim, the Captain of the local vessel, Crimson Jack, appears to be a pirate. However savage he may appear, he is prepared to make a deal, and Varen convinces him to talk instead of loot. Jack tells the group that the Imperials are responsible for the crash of the Queen. Apparently their cruiser crashed on the planet years before, and in cold-blooded desperation the Imperial crew has resorted to periodically activating the interdictor field and preying on any ship unlucky enough to be caught. However, there is hope. The captain reveals that the Queen of Ranroon did not, in fact, burn up in the atmosphere – instead it is locked in a slowly decaying orbit, and it is salvageable. Using parts from the Queen and a more-or-less intact freighter, it may be possible to cobble together a working hyperdrive for one ship to escape the system.

Unfortunately the captain’s plan has a small flaw – only the Imperials can get to the ships. And they aren’t likely to be amendable to persuasion…



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