Star Wars: Ashes of the Old Republic

Act II, Ep. v

Finished up old business.

Which canon is this?

The crew, having finished their business on Tatooine plot a course for Ryloth, the ultimate goal, to rescue Bin’she’s family from Tessil the Hutt. Coming out of hyperspace around Ryloth the Crown of Bartok is hailed from the planet and we transmit our ship code. A few minutes later the operator asks why we’re using an old transmission protocol. Bin’she says this is the protocol we were given by Tessil, we have no other protocols. The operator explains Tessil’s agents are now using a newer protocol but we’ll be allowed to land. This gives the crew pause, wondering if the jig is up before it began, but they land at Tessil’s spaceport anway.

The crew disembarks and is met by Firno, a tall, imposing, male Twi’lek; Tessil’s majordomo. He notices the crew’s garb and gives them a strange look. Half of the crew are in their traditional clothing, however, Dewurra is wearing a banana costume, Corgan looks the part of a well dressed blood sucking vampire, and two of the crew, Vince and Vuko, are obviously confused, dressed like they are in The Verse and not in a galaxy far far away. Firno gives a quick shake of his head and escorts us inside.

Varen and Firno begin a somewhat heated but civil discussion in regards to the “information” we have for Tessil. Varen tries to explain that we need to deliver the information directly to Tessil but FIrno blocks him at every opportunity. Finally Varen realizes his attempts are futile and tells Firno that somehow (hinting that Crimson Jack may have been responsible) Jabba the Hutt has learned of the downed Interdictor at Drexel II and Tessil’s salvage operation. In the meantime, the rest of the crew is checking on the incoming/outgoing ship log but see no records of the Bottom’s Up, Crimson Jack’s ship, nor of any ship IG-88 might be flying. After much teeth nashing and bumbling about, the crew concludes that Tessil is not even on planet, he’s at Drexel II overseeing the salvage operation. Firno bids us a good day and leaves.

“Marching into a detention area is not what I had in mind.”

Dewurra growls, “It’s a smash and grab!” The crew, seeing no other way, concede, and a plan is quickly formulated and hatched. Bin’she calls her family and tells them to get to the highest level of Tessil’s palace they are allowed to access, we will meet them and get them out. The crew finds the main turbolift and takes it down to meet Bin’she’s family. As the doors open, a very cramped crew, having crammed into the turbolift like a pack of mynocks, spill out into the corridor, and notice they are on the detention level.

Ahead of them is a central control station with three guards, a human and two Gamorreans. Bin’she notices her family standing behind the control station, in the detention area, and tries to hide her enthusiasm at seeing them. Varen strides up and engages the human, “Good afternoon sir, we are here to escort the Twi’leks upstairs to Firon,” he says motioning to Bin’she’s family. “My name is Dave,” the human says, looking over Varen’s shoulder at the odd assortment of people coming out of the turbo lift. “All of you…are here to escore them?” Dave asks skeptically. “Of course,” Varen beams, as if it were the absolute truth, “these dancers are a gift from us to Firno and we want to ensure they are delivered safely to him.” Dave seems unsure but relents and allows the Twi’lek slaves to go with the group. Unfortunately, the turbo lift won’t hold everyone, so Dewurra, Vince, and Corgan stay behind on the detention level.

The crew breathes a sigh of relief as the turbo lift doors close and Bin’she hugs her family. They can sense freedom just a few steps away. Those steps however, will be tough ones. The turbo lift stops before reaching the top level of Tessil’s palace, the spacedock where the Crown of Bartok is moored. The doors open up and standing there with a smug, expectant look upon his face is Firno, surrounded by four Gamorrean guards.

“Looks like them Bartok boys are in a whole heapa trouble!”

Two fierce fire fights ensue, Dewurra, Vince, and Corgan trading blows with Duke and his guards in the detention center and Vuko, Bin’she, Varen, and NĂ¼ el’Kah shooting it out with Firno and his guards a few levels above.

The battle in the close quarters of the detention center is heated. Vince takes significant damage and goes down (unable to fire of her flamethrower for fear of cooking everybody in the room). Dewurra ends up blinded and requires the help of the staggered Corgan to finally take down Dave and the Gamorreans.

The battle upstairs is no less heated (although the heroes fair a bit better). Only Varen goes down but the rest of the crew manage to take down Firno and his Gamorreans. Having won the hard fought battles, the crew quickly gathers their wounded and the rescued family members, limp aboard the Crown of Bartok, and quickly get off planet. Once in orbit, they decide Corellia and the Rebel agent should be their next destination.



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