Star Wars: Ashes of the Old Republic

Act II, Ep. iv

Movin' On Up...

We Finally Got A Piece of the Pie?

Bin’she, Corgan, and Varen do indeed make it Jabba’s Palace before the rest of the crew and their escort Bib Fortuna. Unfortunately, as they are banging on the large metal door of the palace, Bib Fortuna walks up with a knowing smile on his face, “fancy meeting you here.” The entire crew soon find themselves standing before Jabba himself. He wants to know why we’re on his planet without informing him we were here. Corgan explains we had a broken hyper drive, had just landed a few hours before, and Bib Fortuna had gotten to us before we could come see Jabba. He seems to believe the story and says all we have to do is pay the 500 credit fee for landing in his town. He also wants to know what our employer, Tessil the Hutt, is doing buying up a bunch of salvage freighters. After a brief sidebar, the group decides to offer Jabba a deal. We’ll tell him what Tessil is doing with the freighters, salvaging the downed Interdictor, if he will wave the “docking fee” and agree to repair our ship (hyper drive and damage we recently received to the hull). Jabba agrees.

Jabba seems surprised that someone such as Tessil, a Hutt of lower standing, has managed to land such a lucrative deal. However, in true Hutt fashion, he wants more. He also wants to know where this salvage operation is taking place. The crew sidebars again, wondering if it’s a good idea to tell him, also weighing the option of what would happen if we don’t tell him. Ultimately, the crew decides that crossing Tessil is not that big of a deal and would rather be on his bad side as opposed to Jabba’s. They make Jabba an offer, the location of the downed Interdictor and in exchange, the crew wants 5,000 credits a piece. Jabba quickly agrees and amends the deal by stating that we work for him now. After some quick thought, the crew doesn’t see this as such a bad thing and agree.

Vince Pimps Her Ride

Jabba says it will take a few days to make the repairs to the Crown of Bartok, so the crew uses the time to run some errands around town. Varen and Bin’she decide to go back to the ship to ensure that See’lok isn’t discovered by the crew that comes to fix the ship. Dewura, his freshly earned five large burning a hole in his utility belt heads straight for the Sabacc table. He places 2,000 credits on his first hand and wins, netting 8,000 credits and is feeling good. If one win is good, then two wins would be even better, he ups his bet to 5,000 credits. Unfortunately, the tides of fortune are fickle and quickly change. He loses his second hand and decides to play again, certain he’ll win back the credits he just lost. The odds ever being in the house’s favor he losses another 5,000 credits and decides enough is enough. Corgan had joined him, watching him play, and the second loss of 5,000 credits within minutes is too much for Corgan, he breaks out in laughter at the Wookie’s misfortune. Dewura’s temperament gets the better of him and he punches Corgan, hard. Everyone in the casino notices the brief exchange and give Dewura a wide berth as he exits the casino, Corgan slowly following, after he picked himself up off the floor.

A bit later, Corgan, Nü el’Kah, and Vuko head over to Chalmun’s Cantina to try and talk to the guy rabbling about rebellion that Vuko had overheard earlier. Based on Vuko’s description, Corgan and Nü el’Kah easily spot the Duros sitting in the corner speaking with a human. They take an open table close enough to the Duros to overhear his conversation with the human. Vuko gets a seat at the bar nearby so he can keep an eye on the proceedings and be prepared in case something goes wrong. Corgan and Nü el’Kah overhear the human bragging about his piloting skills. The Duros says, “we can always use a good pilot in the rebellion.” Their conversation wraps up and the two shake hands. The human has a satisfied look on his face as he passes by Corgan and Nü el’Kah. As soon as he’s out of the Cantina they get up and sit down with the Duros. It doesn’t take much prodding from them before the Duros is talking about freedom fighters and overthrowing the oppressors. Corgan and Nü el’Kah are going along with him, seeing how much he’ll reveal about this rebellion. After beating around the bush for a bit, they ultimately come right out and ask him if he’s part of the rebellion. He enthusiastically says he is and that he is one of many responsible for propaganda and recruiting. He says the rebellion is recruiting revolutionaries looking to join the cause. Corgan and Nü el’Kah say they are definitely interested but they want to know more, is there anything else he can tell them. He says unfortunately he doesn’t know much more, but he does hand Nü el’Kah a data pad and says these people might be able to use our services. Nü el’Kah turns it on and finds information for a contact on Corellia. The contact will be at a bar on Corellia, but that is all the information there is, no name, no description. The Duros says he doesn’t have anything else to tell them, so Corgan and Nü el’Kah leave, Vuko following them a few minutes later.

In the meantime, Vince is on the hunt for shiny! She’s looking for a comm jammer, thermal grenades, a blaster pistol and other things. Unfortunately this is the outer rim and many of those items are rare and are not to be found on Tatooine. She does however find something even more rare. A bit later, she rolls back into the docking bay, twittering beeps and boops as she shows off her new bling, a flame thrower, to the rest of the crew.

Dewurra also hit up the local traders and was able to find a slightly used (with decorative bloodstains) Bowcaster. Just the thing to make a Wookiee feel at home. He also picked up a stimpak for Corgan – a muted apology for losing his temper earlier.

Corgan and Nü el’Kah report what they’ve learned about the rebellion and See’lok seems very interested by the news. She seems to think this might be the best place for her, especially after learning that it was most likely the Empire that was responsible for the Kaminoan genocide. The crew meanwhile, tries to figure out what their next course of action will be.

The Way I See It, We’ve Got Two Choices

The crew, hesitant to just leave Tatooine without informing Jabba, are curious about their status with the Hutt. Does he have a job for them? Should they sit around and wait? Should they leave? They put out feelers and quickly learn that Jabba has already forgotten about his new employees. The crew decides slipping away quietly is the best course of action, but lets Bib Fortuna know that if Jabba requires their services, they will be available.

With the Jabba issue taken care of, for the time being, the crew comes up with two solid options for where to go next. The first is to go to Corellia and meet up with the Rebellion contact. The second option is to go after Bin’she’s family members that are still slaves to Tessil on Ryloth. It’s decided, especially based on the recent turn of events, i.e. double crossing Tessil and taking employment with Jabba, that Bin’she’s family should be rescued immediately before Tessil becomes aware of the betrayal.

Before setting a course for Ryloth, the ship is still being repaired and the crew has a bit more time on their hands. They use the time, and their newly acquired credits from Jabba, to upgrade the Crown of Bartok. They add an extended shield generator, an electronic counter measures suite, and a high output ion turbine. Once all the upgrades have been installed and Jabba’s people finish fixing the ship Corgan “inspects” all the new work, secretly looking for the tracking devices the crew suspects Jabba has had installed. Corgan reports back later that he didn’t find any devices. With nothing else keeping them on Tatooine, the crew plots a course for Ryloth.



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