Star Wars: Ashes of the Old Republic

Act II, Ep. ii

In which the party tries to undo Tessil's work on their ship.

After surveying the surface of the planet to ensure See’lok that her people had, in fact, destroyed their own society, the group decided to investigate the satellites they has previously spotted. The satellites were not active in any identifiable way. Upon further observation, the crew were able to determine that the satellites had been positioned in an orbiting circle above the planet.

Bin’she Keeba docked the Crown of Bartok with one of the satellites. NĂ¼ el’Kah and Varen Berelis boarded the satellite to find that the interior only consisted of tiny, cramped areas to allow for maintenance of the satellite’s systems. The satellite had only positioning thrusters – no mechanism for real movement. Also, it seems that the end of the satellite pointed towards the planet has projected a huge amount of energy in that direction. The group concluded that the ring of satellites had been at least part of the mechanism for the planet’s destruction. The controls and systems of the satellite were nonfunctional, appearing to have been overloaded. Varen removed a computer board, hoping that further inspection might provide some more information about how they were deployed.

While Varen and Nu were investigating the satellite innards, the crew’s lookout in the laser cannon ( Dewurra ) was doing a horrible job. A squad of TIE fighters spotted the Crown of Bartok and moved to intercept. Hoping that we could use the planet to escape, Bin’she Keeba took the Crown back to the surface, flying around steam clouds for cover.

The TIEs descended too fast for our gunners to hit them and they blasted the Crown while we tried desperately to out maneuver the Imperials. It wasn’t until we started working together like a crew – bolstering shields, jamming communications, deploying decoys and coordinating blaster shots – that we picked off the TIEs. They’re fast but fragile.

We didn’t overstay our welcome. With several squads now in pursuit, we jumped to hyperspace leaving behind the satellites and the shattered remains of Kamino.



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