Star Wars: Ashes of the Old Republic

Act II, Ep. I

Homeward Bound

Scavenging the wreckage of Drexel II, the party recovers an old ship that looks like a prototype for the YT-2000 . The ship is space worthy — barely — after a patchwork repair using parts hobbled together from the junk yard that’s Drexel II.

We offer to take Dr. See’Lok’srudimentary genetic laboratory as a ploy to get her away from Crimson Jack. Once aboard our ship, it’s time for The Talk. We delicately tell her about the future she faces beyond Drexel II. Jack and his ilk would think nothing of selling her to a bounty hunter, once they discover the truth that is the last Kaminoan. She agrees to come with us instead.

Before leaving Drexel II, we tell Jack that we need to return to Tessil and were then heading to Bothan space to take Corgan home. We are anticipating that Jack will try to hunt us down after he realizes how valuable Dr. See’lok is. A little misinformation can’t hurt.

An offer you can’t refuse.

The ship carries us back to Ryloth IV in one piece, mostly. A little persuading from Corgan Dil’Alys convinces Tessil the Hutt to forgive us for being late with his payment. We receive paymet of 1000 CR each, with the group each deciding that Nü el’Kah should get 100 CR from each of us in appreciation of his help on Drexel II. With that debt paid off, we decide to make Tessil an offer he can’t refuse. The mystery of the Death Wind Corridor is a downed Interdictor Cruiser and we offer to sell Tessil the coordinates of Drexel II. The system is ripe for scavenging and for an enterprising Hutt to put that old Interdictor to good use. We leave out Captain Jack from the tale and, of course, Dr See’Lok.

After a slight negotiation, Tessil agrees to fully repair our ship —christened the Crown of Bartok, complete with new registration, provide generous 1% cut of profits from Drexel II in exchange for the coordinates of the downed Interdictor. We restock the ship and spread rumors among the dealers and Tessil’s agents that we’re headed to Bothan space for a new job. We can’t have Crimon Jack, or Tessil for that matter, knowing our next step. Dewurra immediately head to the sabacc tables with his newfound pay. Bein’she attempts to gain some information on his family member, concluding that they are indentured servants and it will require quite a large sum to pay off their debts.

A bittersweet homecoming

In reality, Dr. See’Lok needs to see Kamino for herself to believe that her people really are gone. We arrive in the system to find an Imperial quarantine in effect and a capitol-class cruiser on patrol. As we approach Kamino, we see large satellites orbiting high above the planet. These satellites don’t appear to be active or serving any particular function. Not sure of the best way to infiltrate the system, we opt for stealth. Bin’she Keeba powers down our ship and flies silently past the satellites and cruiser. Also we are uncertain, we believe that we have successfully infiltrated the planet without being detected.

What awaits us on the planet is a wasteland of boiling seas, an echo of the once-great civilization. The truth confirmed, Dr See’Lok has nothing to do but weep. She is the last Kaminoan.



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