Ashes of the Old Republic

A decade has passed since the end of the Clone Wars that shattered the Old Republic and cast the galaxy into darkness. The Jedi Knights, for ten thousand years guardians of peace and justice, are no more. Emperor Palpatine sits upon the throne of the new Galactic Empire, and Darth Vader, Lord of the Sith, searches tirelessly for any Jedi that survived his betrayal.

Though a few brave souls in the Imperial Senate strive to keep the principles of the Old Republic alive, and several of the older worlds such as Corellia have managed to retain some autonomy, the Emperor’s control over the Core Worlds is certain. Having consolidated power, he now turns his eye to the Fringe.

Unwilling to grant the former rebels representation in the Senate, Palpatine has divided the Fringe among several Imperial Governors and given them free reign to bring the border sectors under greater control. But the denizens of the outer systems have grown fond of being ignored, and the Emperor is about to find that there are still some embers smoldering in the ashes of the Old Republic.

Star Wars: Ashes of the Old Republic

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